Episode 1 – BDSM Fetish The Game

Grindhaus Media

Welcome to our maiden episode of Alternative Play. AP host JayCee interviews Mistress Clarissa and Brandon Osorio of Wisdom Vault to talk about consent and safety in BDSM play. In addition, we will learn about BDSM Fetish The Game, a table-top role-playing game that teaches lifestyle veterans and vanillas the […]

Episode 3 – Interview With Pat O’ Sullivan

Grindhaus Media

Welcome to episode 3 of Alternative Play. Alt Play host JayCee interviews writer, filmmaker, and author Pat O’ Sullivan to talk about his works, games, comics, cinema, consent, and the Tales of Gor RPG. Pat O’Sullivan is a writer/director/podcaster from Chicago, Illinois. His films have played in festivals all over […]

Episode 4 – Grim Jim and Tales from Gor

In this episode, JayCee talks with James Desborough of Postmortem Studios about kink, gaming, and his controversial role-playing game Tales of Gor. Other topics include game conventions, harassment policies, game design, and his upcoming card game Election Day. my apologies on my vocal track, it came out loud and distorted. […]

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